Dated : 2013-11-16
KLM Distric Convention

KLM District Convention was held on 13th Nov.2011.The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeepkumar MLA, Calicut. The programme was chaired by Msgr. Vincent Arackal Administrator of the Diocese of Calicut.Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is an earnest effort to organize unorganized labour folk and it work under the Labour commission of KCBC.A total of 325 KLM members from different parts of the District has attended the program. Mr. Joseph Jude, Mr. Joy Gothuruthu, Fr. Jaison Vadasserry,Mr. P. Kishan Chand, Fr. Joseph Mukelaparambil, Tamarasserry,Ms. Sajitha and Mr. Jose Murickan, Fr. Sebastian Karakkat, Z. Francis and Ms. Jessy John and Mr. Manuel CJ lead the program.